Application of Huading separator in probiotic industry


As people’s living standards improve, they are paying more and more attention to health. As a new field of biological research, probiotics are of great significance to human nutrition and health. After the probiotic enters the digestive tract of the animal, by improving the balance of the digestive flora and the enzyme, the human body’s disease resistance, metabolism, and digestion and absorption of the food can be rapidly improved, thereby achieving the dual function of preventing and treating digestive diseases. And promote growth.

Centrifugal method is a common method for separating and collecting bacterial cells from culture medium. Different centrifugal speed and centrifugation time can be used according to the size of the bacteria. Compared with filtration, it has high separation speed, high efficiency and hygienic operation. Good conditions and other advantages, suitable for large-scale separation process, can also achieve continuous separation.

Application of Huading separator in probiotic industry

Huading disc separator is widely used in the probiotic industry. The suspension or emulsion enters the bowl from the center feeding pipe, and flows from the outer edge of the disc into the gap of the disc to the inner edge of the disc, due to the small gap between the discs. Forming a thin layer separation, the solid particles or heavy liquid settles onto the inner surface of the disc and then slides to the outer edge of the disc, and finally deposits on the wall of the bowl, and the clarified liquid is discharged through the overflow port or by the centripetal pump, due to The number of discs is large and the gap is small, thereby increasing the settlement area and shortening the settlement distance, so the separation effect is good.

Due to its excellent performance and reliable quality, the performance of Huading Disc Separator in the probiotic industry is obvious. Recently, at the site of a large probiotic production company, the successful commissioning of the separator has been highly appreciated by customers, customer’s trust is the eternal power of Huading’s development.

Application of Huading separator in probiotic industry

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